Offre de stage Master/ingénieur Saint Gobain Recherche sur l'étude de la dissolution de fibres de verre en milieux aqueux


Topic: Study of the glass fibers dissolution mechanisms

Contexte : In order to check the non-classification of new mineral wool fibers under the European regulation it is necessary to pass in vivo tests. These tests are long (several months), raise ethical questions and cannot be used twice with the same composition in case of failure (animal régulations). For these reasons, in vitro predictive tests would be very helpful for the development of new formulations in order to select the most promising candidate. In SGR Paris, we are developing two different in-vitro tests depending on the glass compositions to determine the biosolubility of the glass fibers. All the experimental work together with the literature studies made on the glass fibers solubility enhances the understanding of the fiber dissolution mechanisms and help to correlate the in-vitro to the in-vivo results.

Objectifs du stage: The main objective is to improve our knowledge on glass fiber dissolution mechanisms depending on the glass composition based on an experimental work. First, a design of experiment will be defined to investigate the impact of chemical compositions (ratio and amounts of oxides, redox,..) and fiber geometry on glass dissolution rates. Then, different R&D glass samples will be elaborated and in-vitro tested to identify some correlations between dissolution and chemistry. Finally, these data will be used to carry out machine learning analysis in order to develop a predictive model of glass bio-solubility properties based on the chemical composition.

Profil recherché: Material sciences/chemistry M2 or 3rd year engineering school student (French or English speaker) - The student should be interested in experimental work and know how to synthesize and communicate results

Durée du stage : 6 mois

Localisation : Saint-Gobain Research Paris, 39 quai Lucien Lefranc 90303 Aubervilliers

Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 01 48 39 50 60