ICG 2024 Summer school

The 15th Workshop for New Researchers in Glass Science and Applications
du 07/07/2024
au 12/07/2024


This workshop will overview fundamentals in glass science, emphasising preparation, structure-property relationships, experimental techniques, MD simulations and tools that probe structure. Specific themes will include thermodynamics, kinetics, optical behaviour, transport phenomena, nucleation, crystallization and strength. The lecturers are world experts in their fields. A new thread this year will be Sol Gel glass-making.

A feature of these workshops is student-centred learning. So, 16 formal lectures will be supplemented by eight tutorials involving discussions with participants.

On the first day participants will describe their own projects. Developing presentation skills is important but also informs the class of the breadth of glass research and range of measurement tools. Students will also be grouped into teams who must debate for or against an allocated proposition on the last day. This helps participants think on their feet and develops their understanding of selected issues.

Organizers: Prof. J. M. Parker, Prof. R. Conradt & Prof. B. Hehlen

Is this for you? If you are a PhD/Masters student studying ‘Glass’ or have recently started research in the glass industry then the answer is ‘yes’.

– Normal fee:      970 €
– Reduced fee:    380 € for students and academic staff.

The fee includes 2 coffee breaks and a lunch for 5 days, a welcome reception and conference dinner.  Lodging and Breakfast in a student residence for 6 nights will incur an additional charge of 295 €. We expect people to arrive on Sunday for an early start on Monday and remain at least until Friday afternoon to complete the programme.

Université de Montpellier
163 rue Auguste Broussonnet
34090 Montpellier